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Oral Hygiene and Gum Treatment

Examination and diagnosis Charge
Full dental and oral examination and treatment plan £45.00
Study models £30.00
Written report £50.00
Small x-Rays (each) £12.50
Digital x-Ray (3D) £90.00
Digital x-Rays (2D) £50.00
Hygiene treatment £47.00
Full gum (periodontal) treatment Per session £65.00
Amalgam From £80.00
White fillings From £120.00
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth (Front Teeth) £250.00
Premolar tooth £300.00
Molar tooth £350.00
Re-root treatment £450.00
(fee for root filling is in addition to fillings and x-rays
Emergency extraction (if not surgical) £80.00
Normal extraction £100.00
Surgical extraction £150.00
Complex surgical extraction £175.00
After care £20.00
Apicectomy From £300.00
Gold inlay / onlay £400.00
Full gold crown £450.00
Three quarter gold crown £400.00
Bonded porcelain (BPC) crown £450.00
Empress crown (metal free) £470.00
Inceram (High Strength) £470.00
Captek £500.00
Cast post and core £100.00
Amalgam core build up £60.00
Acrylic temporary crown made by laboratory £100.00
Ketac silver core £70.00
Temporary crown as an emergency £80.00
Porcelain inlay £400.00
Composite inlay £380.00
Bridge work
Bonded porcelain (conventional) per unit £450.00
Adhesive bridges (Maryland) per tooth replaced £500.00
Full Dentures (Plastic)
Full upper only £320.00
Full lower only £320.00
Full upper and full lower £640.00
Partial Dentures (Plastic)
Partial upper or lower £320.00
Dental Alterations
Denture ease £20.00
Addition each £100.00
Denture reline £80.00
Denture repair £50.00
Metal Dentures (Chrome Cobalt)
Skeleton design £820.00
Plate design £800.00
Upper and lower full denture with chrome plate £1,600.00
Cosmetic Dentistry
Whitening / bleaching both arches From £300.00
Home and Power Bleaching (Evolution) £500.00
Porcelain veneers each £450.00
Internal bleaching per tooth £180.00
Dental Implant
Dental Implant £1700.00
Implant Crown £500.00
Soft acrylic biteguard (splint) £300.00
Sportguard £100.00
Emergency call out £200.00
Recement inlay or crown £70.00
Recement bridge £90.00
Prescription including examination £45.00
Temporary filling £50.00
Extirpate pulp and temporary filling £150.00
Prescription only £35.00

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